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An Interview with Indrani Das, Top Winner of Regeneron Science Talent Search

An Interview with Indrani Das, Top Winner of Regeneron Science Talent Search

Angela Lee

May 31, 2017

  On March 14, 2017, Regeneron announced Indrani Das as the top award winner the Regeneron Science Talent Search. The Academy Chronicle was fortunate enough to conduct an interview with Indrani, who discussed her experience at BCA, hinted at plans for the future, and shared advice for other hig...

Your Social Media Accounts and College

Your Social Media Accounts and College

Grace Tan

May 24, 2017

As important as it is to figure out what colleges want to see in an applicant, from GPA to extracurriculars, it is also becoming more and more critical to recognize what you don’t want colleges to see, whether it be that low SAT score … or your Facebook account. As people spend an increasing amount of time...

Drive Perfect, Drive KOALAfied: BCA’s U Got Brains Team

Drive Perfect, Drive KOALAfied: BCA's U Got Brains Team

Casey Chan, Assistant Managing Editor

May 1, 2017

Every young driver needs more experience behind the wheel. Now, thanks to BCA’s very own UGotBrains finalist team, it may be possible for BCA students to practice their driving in school. UGotBrains is an annual competition that focuses on the principles of safe driving. High school teams from all over Ne...

Hot Mikado – BCA’s 2017 Musical!

Hot Mikado - BCA's 2017 Musical!

Katie Bang, Writer

March 29, 2017

Photo credits: Sabrina Sam “If you want to know who we are...we are gentlemen of Japan!” The opening lines of Hot Mikado kicked off the jazzy musical at 7:30 Friday night (March 7), with two more performances following on Saturday at 2:30 and 7:30. The comedy, directed by Mr. Kaplan, boasted an ...

BCA’s SkillsUSA Chapter Goes Beyond the Classroom for Community Service

SkillsUSA members read to the students of Bleshman Regional Day School in Paramus, NJ.

Simona Vigodner, Managing Editor

March 17, 2017

Students of Bleshman Regional Day School received an unexpected visit several weeks ago when 8 members of BCA’s SkillsUSA Chapter hosted a reading day for them. "We believe in the main idea of this project: to raise as much awareness of autism as possible throughout our school and our commun...



Angela Lee

February 7, 2017

  They dreamed, they planned, they succeeded. It was their love for the environment that kept them going. Mr. Nodarse’s team of engineers, including Shannon Zhang and Laura Zhou, teamed up with ATCS junior Ohm Nabar in order to create their pollution detecting masterpiece, the Intelli-Bu...

ABF Goes British: 8 Days in London

Juniors Justin Jung, Jack Nassau, Olivia Cecoltan, Grace Huang, Iris Lee, and Brian Kehoe on the streets of London.

Simona Vigodner, Managing Editor

December 23, 2016

All photos by Megan Baumbach and Samantha Zucker. Forty juniors and seniors of ABFIB spent eight days in London this past November in the academy’s third annual global exchange program. The trip was the students’ International Baccalaureate (IB) Capstone Experience. The visit to London allowed...

No Man Is an Island: Ask Adrian Biagioli, BCA ’16

No Man Is an Island: Ask Adrian Biagioli, BCA '16

Suzan Kim

December 21, 2016

Adrian Biagioli was a sophomore three years ago, when he first began working with Mr. Lang on the Ellis Island project. The program, which involves designing a platform where people can experience Ellis Island through virtual reality technology, progressed immensely during Biagioli’s time at BCA. For...

DIY: Personalized Holiday Mugs

DIY: Personalized Holiday Mugs

Katelyn Bang

December 20, 2016

The holiday season is already here, which usually means rushed, last-minute holiday shopping. But store-bought gifts can be pricey, and they do not always make the perfect gift. If you don’t know what to get someone, take the better route: do it yourself! And what better gift can you give than a perso...

Poetry Made Interesting

Poetry Made Interesting

Rio Matsumoto

December 13, 2016

I know, poetry and interesting in the same sentence? It doesn't seem possible. And yet, it became a reality for the 5,000 high school students who were able to attend the Dodge Poetry Festival’s High School Student Day. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), located in Newark, opened its d...

The New BCA Greenhouse Is Open!

The New BCA Greenhouse Is Open!

Katelyn Bang

December 9, 2016

 The new greenhouse at BCA is open for this school year, 2016-2017! The newly constructed greenhouse, attached to the renovated Environmental Science Center (ESC), serves as a classroom for many courses. These include not only academy-specific or mandatory courses such as Biology, but also the Agricultur...

Meet the Teachers: Mr. Spinelli

Mr. Spinelli's official BCA senior portrait. Class of AMST 2007.

Rachel Hur, Rachel John

December 2, 2016

Though a recent addition to the faculty, Mr. Spinelli is no stranger to BCA: he was part of the graduating class of AMST 2007! As our  new music teacher, he directs the school choir and hosts a variety of other music electives, such as Chamber Choir, Music in Society, and Theory. The Chronicle ca...