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Shop Talk with Hannah Shin: Spark Your Deco Inspiration

Shop Talk with Hannah Shin: Spark Your Deco Inspiration

Beatrice Song July 16, 2023

At BCA, there are many creatives among the student body. Students such as sophomore Hannah Shin, who devotes her time to sharing her creative skills with the community. Hannah is the owner of an online...

Model Congress at BCA: A Beacon Sweep

Marguerita Wang and Bethany Po June 26, 2023

Every Wednesday morning, a group of BCA students from all different academies get together and participate in the Model Congress club. Like Model UN, club members discuss current events, play debate games,...

AP Music Theory: The Most Deceiving AP of Them All?

AP Music Theory: The Most Deceiving AP of Them All?

Hannah Shin June 7, 2023

On May 12th, 2023, twenty-one students took the AP Music Theory exam. AP Music Theory is one of the more obscure AP classes that high school students at BCA have the option of taking. Each year, students...

The End of an Era? GSP Cracks Down on “Unruly Teen Behavior”

May 31, 2023

  When you think of shopping malls, you’re likely thinking of window displays, food courts, and glistening hallways. If this sounds like paradise to you, you may be a Bergen County teenager!   Many...

Behind the Scenes of the Junior Prom

Behind the Scenes of the Junior Prom

Bori Chung, Managing Editor May 31, 2023

     After juggling long hours of studying for AP exams and finishing school assessments, BCA juniors looked forward to the second Friday of May, the day of BCA’s Junior Prom. The Junior Prom is organized...

BCA Goes Global (Again)

Sonia Veldhuis May 10, 2023

After four years of quarantine and travel restrictions, BCA’s global exchange program has finally reopened! One benefit of attending Bergen County Academies is the variety of global opportunities offered....

What’s Lit Lancaster?

Fiona Beauchamp May 4, 2023

The staff of Bergen County Academies (BCA) has a variety of teachers with a diverse range of passions and pasts. This year, many new teachers joined the staff, among them Mr. Lancaster, a 9th, 10th, and...

Academy Mentorship Programs at BCA

Academy Mentorship Programs at BCA

Beatrice Song May 3, 2023

Life at BCA is no easy adjustment. Underclassmen are still getting accustomed to balancing studies and social life– but the mentorship programs at BCA offer a solution to this issue. By connecting underclassmen...

Sweet Success: How BCA’s ACAHA Students Prepare for the Chocolate Competition

Lucy Montalti April 19, 2023

Every March, the sweet aroma of chocolate fills BCA’s upper cafeteria as dozens of extravagant cakes are put on display for ACAHA’s Chocolate Competition. The competition is a highly anticipated moment...

A Peek Into the Culinary Academy at BCA

Becca Slaten March 29, 2023

The Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, one of the seven academies at BCA, produces well-rounded students ready for employment in the culinary and hospitality fields. Each ACAHA student is trained...

BCA Mart: Open for Business

Madhav Dua March 29, 2023

The second trimester of the 2022-23 school year is coming to a close, and for BCA Mart, it has been a significant one. For the first time since the onset of the pandemic, BCA Mart has been open for the...

Performance from final day of PlayWeek

The Resurrection of PlayWeek

Christina Tashji March 29, 2023

To be or not to be? More like, to go to PlayWeek or to not go? The obvious answer is to go, of course. Why miss out on a free show? Studio 216, Bergen County Academies’ one and only student-run theater...

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