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Pumpkin sculpting 2021

Halloween 2021 at BCA: What Went Down

Elena Jacoby and Cadee Lee November 6, 2021

Halloween at Bergen County Academies has always been considered one of the highlights of the school year. The Halloween assembly, costume parade, and Haunted Mansion have always been a huge part of BCA...

The Bergen County Academies 2020-2021 musical, Working.

Working the Musical: Overture

Yilin Xie, Design Editor, Writer March 24, 2021

This article is a part of a series. Every year, the Bergen County Academies (BCA) puts on a musical, and this year is no exception. The original plan, as announced over the summer, was to put on The...

BCA Musicians During the Pandemic

BCA Musicians During the Pandemic

Bori Chung, Writer February 25, 2021

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many musicians received the unfortunate news of delayed rehearsals and canceled concerts and music lessons. With events canceled, most instrumentalists have...

Why Popular Shows on Netflix are Disappearing

Why Popular Shows on Netflix are Disappearing

Alex Weber February 11, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost all aspects of our lives from going to work or school, to even buying groceries. However, staying home has not stunted our consumption of television shows, movies,...

2021 Valentine’s Day Assembly Preview

Alex Weber, Managing Editor February 9, 2021

On Thursday, February 11th, students and faculty will experience one of BCA’s most festive traditions–the Valentine’s Day Assembly. Each year, students showcase their musical talents in the auditorium–singing,...


Stacey Na, Copy Editor January 13, 2021

A white blanket of snow envelops the cold grass, just as a fashionable wool coat may do to you. As the holidays approach, winter is here in extreme New Jersey climate “fashion.” Layering is key with...

Clueless (1995)


Stacey Na, Copy Editor November 2, 2020

Green going on red, orange, yellow and new semesters afresh, fall really is the season of change. Form-flattering wrap dresses are replaced by loose, cable-knit sweaters as beach-esque sandals are by weatherproof...

The Making of “Legally Blonde”

Yilin Xie March 9, 2020

From February 27th to 29th, the musical production of the Bergen County Academies, Legally Blonde, played in the school’s auditorium and received marvellous responses from the audience. Like any...

The Bullet Journal: Lists, Art, and Everything In Between

Yilin Xie February 24, 2020

Bullet Journaling is among the many methods of much-needed organisation and time-management strategies employed by BCA students. The Bullet Journal—also affectionately known as BuJo—was created...

The cast of The Secret in the Wings.

“The Secret in the Wings”: BCA’s 2019 Fall Play

Audrey Gang, Writer November 13, 2019

This week, BCA students will present their first production of the year, “The Secret in the Wings," directed by Mr. Kaplan. The play, which will be performed at Bergen County Academies on Thursday...

BCA Takes on 80s Fashion Trends

Stacey Na, Writer October 23, 2019

The resurgence of 80s fashion has become a hot topic of discussion in the fashion community. Ranging from the subtle high-waisted mom jeans to the more flashy neon asymmetrical tops, the 80s was a wild...

Book Review: The Relevance of “Meeting with My Brother Today

Book Review: The Relevance of “Meeting with My Brother” Today

Michelle Kim April 25, 2019

When we open up a book, we, as readers, usuallyfollow along, sometimes passively, with the writer’s imagination. Nevertheless, there is writing that sometimes forces an ordinarily acquiescent reader...

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