Academy Chronicle

Four Must-See Movies for the Holiday Season

Cadee Lee

December 15, 2019

With the Winter Holiday Season coming up, a variety of new and exciting movies are being released all throughout December. This season is the best time of the year to enjoy the movies with friends and family. Here are just a few movies that will be released within the next few weeks.  Cats is a new movie that will be r...

Fast Fashion: A Global Epidemic

Ming-Jing Qin, Writer

December 8, 2019

  Hidden beneath layers upon layers of beauty and acclaim lies the dark side of the fashion industry; a market that victimizes the poor, feeds off the wealthy, and forces creativity inside a narrow box. The radical shift in our modern culture to fast fashion is a recent global trend that many are following blindl...

BCA Takes on 80s Fashion Trends

Stacey Na, Writer

October 23, 2019

The resurgence of 80s fashion has become a hot topic of discussion in the fashion community. Ranging from the subtle high-waisted mom jeans to the more flashy neon asymmetrical tops, the 80s was a wild decade for experimenting with new styles and color schemes. A few BCA students have copped the 80s aesthetic appearing on In...

5 Reasons Why BCA Students Should Read More

Lauren Vergos, Writer

October 17, 2019

If you’re like me, you were always found with a book in hand all throughout elementary and middle school. What changed since then? Reading never seemed like a chore or something to do just for a grade. It wasn’t a homework assignment in an English class. Rather, it was a way to have fun and learn new things without the pr...

Dieting in BCA

Julie Sung, Reporter

June 17, 2019

The beginning of spring brings forth a plethora of new activities and interests. However, there is one practice that persists regardless of the current season: dieting. Dieting is traditionally defined as the practice of regulating what one consumes in an attempt to maintain, decrease, or increase body weight. Although “diet...

Time Management and Organization at BCA

Alexandra Volkova and Ashley Kim

April 3, 2019

Time management is always a topic that makes people groan. Nonetheless, we must face it. As students at BCA we are rather well acquainted with procrastination: papers submitted at 11:59, excuses to put off finishing things, and midnight study sessions are all frequently part of our school experience. Why we do procrastinate...

Rhythm and Blues: Love Songs in Our Society

February 12, 2019

  You’re sitting in the car, enjoying a beautiful sunset. Suddenly, Ed Sheeran’s voice croons ove...

BCA Students Around the World

Lauren Vergos

December 3, 2018

In a school as diverse as Bergen County Academies, the students are constantly exposed to a vast range of cultures and customs in their day to day lives. However, some have even been lucky enough to travel to foreign countries and experience different cultures and customs firsthand. Many BCA students have developed compassion,...

To Wear or Not to Wear: BCA Students Talk “Makeup”

To Wear or Not to Wear: BCA Students Talk “Makeup”

May 13, 2018

As the school year draws to a close, spring brings along a push towards reflection and change for the be...

Meet the Makeup Artist: Ms. Kouefati

Meet the Makeup Artist: Ms. Kouefati

April 11, 2018

Ms. Kouefati is a freshman and sophomore English teacher who is known for her creative teaching techniques...