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Top 5 Horror Movies of 2016

Tara Yu

November 23, 2016

Since the beginning, Horror movies have played a huge part in the film industry. They always attract sizeable crowds, filled with routine thrill-seekers, unsuspecting dates, or people who aren’t really scared but just like the plotline. In 2016, a huge number of horror movies were produced, and h...

Halloween at BCA

Halloween at BCA

Angela Lee and Hannah Noh

November 2, 2016

With Halloween just around the corner, the school is buzzing with excitement for the long-awaited day of haunted houses and costumes. As “fang-tastic” decorations adorn classroom walls and our own neighborhoods, BCA is gearing up for one of the most anticipated events of the school year. Although ...

Meet the President: Mr. Liam J. Coohill

I recently sat down with Liam Coohill for a one-on-one, exclusive interview about the school, his political views, personal interests, and more.

Stephen Lu

June 9, 2016

Liam Coohill is currently a junior in ABF and the recently elected student council president. Often known for his strong political beliefs, Coohill has gained a substantial amount of student support for his student leadership and charisma. However, there is much more to be seen beyond the Vineyard...

Junior Wins $15 From BCA Mart Raffle

Junior Wins $15 From BCA Mart Raffle

Simona Vigodner

December 22, 2015

       Hunger is a real thing at BCA. Student-run and student-managed, the BCA Mart school store is the place every food-craving student goes to during the last three hours of the never-ending school day. From chips, popcorn, fruit snacks, and a few sweet delicacies, to various drinks to satisfy ...

A Working Summer

A Working Summer

Simona Vigodner

June 24, 2015

Summer. The word evokes an image of the beach, a nice drink by the pool, or an exhilarating trip to Europe, all away from the hassle of tests and schoolwork. Not so fast. BCA students are in no state of mind to forego the summer months without a hint of effort. Whether it be an internship, job, or vol...

Meet the Teachers: Ms. Kouefati

A prized teacher at BCA, Ms. Kouefati discusses her life as a child, student, and educator with The Academy Chronicle.

Suzan Kim

June 10, 2015

  Where did you grow up? I grew up in Passaic County and attended Montclair State University.   As a child, did you have a nickname? Yes. My family and some friends call me DJ. The J stands for my middle name, which is Janina. Even to this day, I respond to my nickname.   Where did you attend ...

Netflix More Popular than Cable Television at BCA

Netflix allows for easy online viewing of  movies and shows and is the most popular form of movie and show viewership at BCA.

Simona Vigodner

June 10, 2015

Headphones out, laptop screens on. Walking down the hallway of BCA, there is always some kind of online activity. Some students are doing homework; others are entertaining themselves, most often by watching movies or television shows. In today’s day and age, technology has made it easier to get a...

ABF Takes on GoGo SqueeZ Marketing Challenge

Simona Vigodner

June 3, 2015

  On a recent Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Pinke adjusted the camera to face the business freshman class for a Skype session with GoGo squeeZ Innovative Marketing team member, Dennis Katsnelson. Katsnelson, a 2010 BCA alumnae, appeared on the screen, ready to hear what BCA students had to present. One by one...

Sleep and BCA: A Match Made in Heaven?

Simona Vigodner

May 13, 2015

The alarm clock rings; even the sun is still asleep. We turn over and groan in agony as our fingers fumble for the snooze button. Almost every BCA student knows that feeling: the need for just a few more minutes of sleep. Spring is  upon us, and with snow days and school breaks now out of th...

PARCC: What Do the Teachers Think?

This is the first year students take PARCC, a new form of standardized testing, funded by Pearson.

Simona Vigodner

May 1, 2015

  With the second round of the PARCC assessments completed, teachers and administrators at BCA are expressing mixed opinions about the test. Mr. Hathaway, of the BCA English department, feels PARCC has some potential benefits, but some issues as well. He said, “I think that the PARCC assessment is bette...

Clearing the Myths: 3 Truths You Should Know About Ebola

Simona Vigodner

November 25, 2014

The Ebola virus has been one of the most talked about-topics in recent months and is front and center on the news. However, as the disease has grown more popular in the public eye, several important facts have been misinterpreted. To dispel the viral rumors about the disease, here are the three ...

Power to the People: Whose Influence Is the Greatest?

Meena Raman

February 13, 2014

On the ever-changing global stage, it is always important to note who, in a pool of 7.046 billion world citizens, exerts the greatest influence, and here at Bergen County Academies, the focus has been geared towards determining the world's most powerful person, with the aid of the recent Forbes ranking. A survey was ...