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The Outlook on Outlook

The Outlook on Outlook

Grace Tan, Assistant Design Editor

November 25, 2017

“Bergen Email Migration”, read the subject line from system admin. Even before the school year started, the August 18th announcement seemed to foreshadow the big changes to come to BCA in 2017. After the migration of student Webapp accounts to Office 365, the biggest changes are the Microsoft services...

Meet the Teacher: Ms. Kaba

Photo caption: Ms. Kaba in her classroom between classes

Amelia Denek

November 17, 2017

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. A man who never reads lives only one.” -George R.R. Martin As a new addition to the English department at BCA, this quote Ms. Kaba lives her life by is very fitting. Residing in New Jersey for her whole life, she attended Ramapo College and taug...

Summers at BCA

Grace Tan, Assistant Design Editor

June 30, 2017

Whereas summer was once a time for play and free time, the high school experience has transformed these two months into an opportunity to pursue more serious endeavors, evoking a cocktail of mixed emotions. From relief, to sadness, to a cry of joy from juniors at having survived (accompanied by a scre...

Meet the President and Vice President: Brian Kehoe and Michael Murphy

Meet the President and Vice President: Brian Kehoe and Michael Murphy

Rachel Hur

June 22, 2017

Brian Kehoe (ABF 2018) and Michael Murphy (ABF 2019) have recently began leading BCA as our new StuCo President and Vice President respectively. Often recognized for their incredible oratory skills, both Kehoe and Murphy have gained immense support for their warm personalities and exceptional campa...

Data Journalism Edition: How Income Affects Education

Joshua Farrington, Data Journalist

June 19, 2017

Since the ratification of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001, standardized testing has become typical in the majority of public schools, for the stated purpose of measuring whether students are learning. However, there is a correlation between income and success on these standardized tests, indic...

Data Journalism Edition: The Impacts of Global Warming

Data Journalism Edition: The Impacts of Global Warming

Kate Kim, Data Journalist

June 18, 2017

According to the National Climate Assessment, the main cause of global warming is human influences. Despite scientific consensus on the existence and main cause of global warming— human activities leading to increased CO2 emissions—30% of American adults don't believe global warming is happenin...

Your Social Media Accounts and College

Your Social Media Accounts and College

Grace Tan

May 24, 2017

As important as it is to figure out what colleges want to see in an applicant, from GPA to extracurriculars, it is also becoming more and more critical to recognize what you don’t want colleges to see, whether it be that low SAT score … or your Facebook account. As people spend an increasing amount of time...

Drive Perfect, Drive KOALAfied: BCA’s U Got Brains Team

Drive Perfect, Drive KOALAfied: BCA's U Got Brains Team

Casey Chan, Assistant Managing Editor

May 1, 2017

Every young driver needs more experience behind the wheel. Now, thanks to BCA’s very own UGotBrains finalist team, it may be possible for BCA students to practice their driving in school. UGotBrains is an annual competition that focuses on the principles of safe driving. High school teams from all over Ne...

Hot Mikado – BCA’s 2017 Musical!

Hot Mikado - BCA's 2017 Musical!

Katie Bang, Writer

March 29, 2017

Photo credits: Sabrina Sam “If you want to know who we are...we are gentlemen of Japan!” The opening lines of Hot Mikado kicked off the jazzy musical at 7:30 Friday night (March 7), with two more performances following on Saturday at 2:30 and 7:30. The comedy, directed by Mr. Kaplan, boasted an ...

BCA’s SkillsUSA Chapter Goes Beyond the Classroom for Community Service

SkillsUSA members read to the students of Bleshman Regional Day School in Paramus, NJ.

Simona Vigodner, Managing Editor

March 17, 2017

Students of Bleshman Regional Day School received an unexpected visit several weeks ago when 8 members of BCA’s SkillsUSA Chapter hosted a reading day for them. "We believe in the main idea of this project: to raise as much awareness of autism as possible throughout our school and our commun...

BCA’s Math Team Competes in South Korea

Su Min Kim, School News Editor

February 15, 2017

On November 20, a group of eighteen students from BCA’s Math Team travelled to South Korea where they participated in the 2016 World Mathematics Team Championship. Numerous countries attended, including Australia, Singapore, China, Myanmar, Iran, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Bulgaria. T...



Angela Lee

February 7, 2017

  They dreamed, they planned, they succeeded. It was their love for the environment that kept them going. Mr. Nodarse’s team of engineers, including Shannon Zhang and Laura Zhou, teamed up with ATCS junior Ohm Nabar in order to create their pollution detecting masterpiece, the Intelli-Bu...