Meet the Teacher: Miss Wang!

Mariam Ali

As of September 6th, 2022, Miss Ivy Wang began teaching at BCA, she took over teaching several classes that were formerly taught by Mr. Respass, Mr. Isecke, and Mr. Wang. Miss Wang now teaches several introductory computer science classes, as well as several more advanced courses. The Academy Chronicle recently sat down with her to get to know her better and discuss her experiences in BCA so far.

AC: Can you tell us a little about yourself? (Qualifications, interests/passions, what was high school or college like?) Were there any teacher influences in your life?

MW: Hello all! My name is Miss Wang, the *new* Computer Science teacher! Having just come out of college with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Art, I am super excited for my first year here at BCA! Outside of school, I love to draw digitally on Procreate, read mystery books, and binge k-dramas. Having graduated from high school not too long ago myself, I remember a lot of my own struggles, failures, and successes by watching my students! I was lucky enough to have had many encouraging and motivated teachers myself, and I hope to be that teacher for my students as well.

When asked about BCA, Miss Wang shared insights into why she chose BCA, her first impressions of this school, the classes she currently teaches, and her favorite parts of teaching.

AC: Why did you become a teacher? And what made you choose BCA?

MW: I have always loved working with others, from being a camp counselor to a peer mentor to teaching assistant, my passion for teaching has always been a constant growing up. BCA is an incredibly unique school with equally incredible students, and from a teacher standpoint, there are challenges as well. I am here for a challenge, just like you all are too!

AC: What were your first impressions of BCA? How has your experience in BCA been so far?

MW: My first impression of BCA is… that everyone is really kind! From students to teachers, guidance, and administration, everyone has been so sweet!

AC: What are some classes you teach? What is your role as a faculty member in BCA?

MW: The classes I teach include Intro to CS, Foundations of CS, Front-end Web Development, and AP Computer Science. As a member of the BCA community, I feel that I have a responsibility to give my best and help those around me.

AC: What is your favorite part of the subject you teach?

MW: My favorite part is interacting with the students. Everyone’s opinions and perspectives bring new and fresh ideas to the classroom!

When concluding our discussion, Miss Wang offered students some quick advice to live by.

AC: What is some advice you have for students?

MW: Stay optimistic, spread positivity, and send good vibes!!

A special thank you to Miss. Wang for taking the time to talk with the Academy Chronicle.  On behalf of the entire BCA community, the Academy Chronicle would like to extend you a warm welcome.