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Clearing the Myths: 3 Truths You Should Know About Ebola

Simona Vigodner

November 25, 2014

Filed under Features, Science & Technology

The Ebola virus has been one of the most talked about-topics in recent months and is front and center on the news. However, as the disease has grown more popular in the public eye, several important facts have been misinterpreted. To dispel the viral rumors about the disease, here are the three ...

Power to the People: Whose Influence Is the Greatest?

Meena Raman

February 13, 2014

Filed under Features

On the ever-changing global stage, it is always important to note who, in a pool of 7.046 billion world citizens, exerts the greatest influence, and here at Bergen County Academies, the focus has been geared towards determining the world's most powerful person, with the aid of the recent Forbes ranking. A survey was ...

For Frozen Yogurt, A Rise in Popularity

Jordan Goldberg

October 30, 2013

Filed under Features

If you walk down Oakland’s Copper Tree mall, you will see a variety of thriving businesses. There’s a Subway, a Staples, Frank’s Pizza, and even a costume shop! But across from Subway, a new business has just opened, hoping to enjoy the same level of success, as have their neighbors. This new business is Blueberry Frozen Yogurt, a new yogurt place...

And Fall’s Most Popular TV Series Is…

Meena Raman

October 24, 2013

Filed under Features

The fall television season is back, and once more, comedy series receive top billing with BCA students, who selected their favorite programs and discussed other popular topics regarding new shows in a recent school-wide survey. The survey received eighty responses, many of which reflected shared...

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