(Sorta) Love Songs: A Great Theatre Event Coming to BCA!

Casey Beidel, Arts Editor

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Have you ever wanted to support your friends in a BCA production but didn’t have the time to come see a full production? Luckily, BCA’s Studio 216, the student-run theatre club, is hosting an event where you can come to watch your friends perform in a low-key setting for free!


On Tuesday, November 6th, at 7:00 PM in room 216 (The Theatre Arts Room) will be presenting a song cycle titled “(Sorta) Love Songs: The Songs of Scott Burkell and Paul Loesel.” A song cycle is a theatrical work that features just songs; sometimes they will be collections of a composer’s greatest works, while other times they comprise pieces which all have similar themes and messages. As the “sorta” in the title implies, the theme of this song cycle is mostly love songs, but it isn’t strictly set on that topic.


Edie Crowley, Studio 216 Vice President and AVPA/T junior describes the song cycle as “incredibly enticing. It’s fully student directed and put together by students- but it feels as if you are seeing a full BCA production.”


Reanna Valencia, an AVPA/T junior, will be performing one of the songs, “I’ll Jump.”

Originally recorded by Brian d’Arcy James, who plays Hannah Baker’s father on 13 Reasons Why, the song tells the story of a young boy coming of age. It takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster within a mere five minutes. As Reanna says, “Even though it’s not about just falling in love, it’s about coming out of your comfort zone which is always a fun theme to explore.” The topics of the songs range from coming of age to young lovers to loving the ocean, so there is a wide variety of emotions that the audience can experience while watching the play.


Ella Sherlock, AVPA/M sophomore, is one of two accompanists for the event. In describing her experience with the song cycle thus far, Ella states, “It’s so interesting to learn music for such a wide variety of songs.” The musicians and performers are working alongside each other to make their cuts and versions of the songs the most optimal.


Erica Ammerman, Studio 216 President and AVPA/T senior, says that the song cycle “is the best event to open the season with because it leaves people with a sense of who we are as a theatre company.”


Come support your theatrical friends on November 6th! As Studio 216’s motto says, these events are “All free. All year. All yours.”