Behind the Scenes of the Junior Prom


Bori Chung, Managing Editor

     After juggling long hours of studying for AP exams and finishing school assessments, BCA juniors looked forward to the second Friday of May, the day of BCA’s Junior Prom. The Junior Prom is organized by BCA’s Junior Class Council, and preparations such as advertising and finding a venue start as early as this year. To learn more about the work going into planning this year’s Junior Prom, the Academy Chronicle interviewed members of the 2024 Junior Class Council.
     Since Junior Prom is a major highlight of junior year, this year’s Junior Class Council has been working closely with their class parents since the beginning of the year. “We started prepping for J-prom in September,” said Januka, the junior class treasurer. “Our class parents worked really hard to get our venue together and set things up for us. The majority of the credit has to go to our class parents who have been working so hard right from the end of sophomore year to get ourselves set and ready for J-prom.”
     On the other hand, responsibilities of the class council members set in motion earlier this year. “We started fully preparing for J-prom and made it our full focus in the beginning of April–as soon as Cabaret ended,” said Eesha, the junior class president. “Although, we have been working on details for it such as finding the venue, food, determining ticket prices, and more since the beginning of this year, so around January.”
     Promoting and advertising the Prom was another duty of the Junior Class Council. “My favorite part of planning was honestly just advertising with my friends,” said Januka. “We made a lot of fun announcements in the upper and lower cafeteria and that was pretty cool to do.”

Eesha added: “We also made announcements during lunch and during IGS through the PA system. We even arranged public prom-posals during the pep rally in order to generate excitement for prom. Arranging all the prom-posals was my favorite part of planning this year’s J-prom because it was a super fun way to promote the event and see our classmates’ creativity in designing posters.”
     Aside from in-person promotions, the class council heavily utilized their social media presence. “For advertising, I utilized our social media platforms,” said Shlok, the junior class promotions director. “I created two flyers to post and just continuously remind juniors to keep buying tickets.”
     Preparations also included making the decorations for the Prom. “We made all of the table centerpieces by hand with hot glue guns, ribbons, and candle holders,” said Jisae, the junior class vice president.

“It was actually really fun and helped us bond as a class council,” said Eesha. And as president, Eesha also created and finalized the Prom playlist. “I tried to take as much input from my classmates as possible to cater to different music tastes. Although I do not agree with this, it seems that I am infamously known for not having the ‘best’ music taste–apparently other people outgrow Disney channel music! So, I was nervous that people wouldn’t like the playlist, and no one would dance. But, thanks to the friendly people in the junior class, I think I was really able to get a great mix of songs from different genres, and the dancing never stopped so I’m glad people liked it.”
     In addition to the music concerns, there were worries over the pricing. This year’s Junior Prom tickets were $100 for BCA students and $115 for outside guests. “Some of our major concerns were really just the price of tickets,” said Januka. “Venues were charging much higher prices for events compared to previous years and we didn’t want the price of tickets to deter people from coming to J-prom.”

However, ticket costs proved to not be a problem. “We saw a record number of people attend–nearly 250, which was amazing,” said Eesha. “I was so glad to see our grade really show up and support our class.” 

In the midst of all the preparations and organizing, the Junior Class Council was also occupied with AP testing and school assignments. “It was definitely crazy and hectic from last-minute preparations and a bunch of tests, quizzes, and assignments in the two weeks leading up to it,” said Eesha. “But, by prioritizing my to-do list every day and spending lunch periods with Ms. Kim finishing up work for prom preparations, I was able to get everything done! I am so thankful for the support of Ms. Kim, Ms. Sousa, the class parents, and the rest of the class council as without them I wouldn’t have been able to get everything done!”

As Eesha noted, teamwork played a critical role in the Junior Class Council’s success leading up to the Prom. Similarly, Januka said, “Because we have an entire class council, a lot of the work was distributed pretty evenly and we mainly just had to focus on advertising the event. There were other more hefty tasks leading to the day of, but again with the help of the entire council we were able to get things done. Our advisors Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Sousa were really helpful with all the preparation along with our class parents.”

     Essentially, the Junior Class Council continuously worked hard throughout the school year to prepare for the Junior Prom. The class council hopes that all the juniors and attended guests had a fun night!