Lunar New Year Festival: Year of the Rabbit


Students making dumplings during Lunar New Year 2022

Gian Plata

The year of the rabbit has finally arrived and whether you’re a fan of delicious food, good music, or bonding experiences with friends, Bergen County Academies’ Lunar New Year Festival has something in store for everyone. 

For many years, BCA students have had the pleasure of celebrating Lunar New Year with fellow classmates and friends during the festival, hosted by the East Asian Association (formerly known as China Care). However, preparation doesn’t happen overnight. Planning an event such as this requires months and months of meetings, emails, blood, sweat, and tears, taking into account all the moving parts and minute details.

Since the festival is a pretty big event and we want it to be fun for everybody, planning started in December,” said Sophia Jiang, president of the East Asian Association. 

“We started with some food items we wanted to have and later moved onto more of the logistics including money, decorations, prizes, and games. Along the way, we have had help from pASIA and the KLCC in organizing more activities for students.”

After a long and strenuous preparation process, the time for the long-awaited festival was soon approaching, but what could students expect during this year’s celebrations? During last year’s Lunar New Year Festival, students were able to enjoy mouthwatering Asian cuisine from the buffet while being serenaded by live student performers—pianists, bands, and singers. And if still hungry, students were also able to purchase delicious snacks and even make and eat their own dumplings! As for this year, students could expect a comeback for some of these activities as well as some new ones.

“his year students can look forward to many performances related to East Asian culture including dances and music!” Sophia continued. “We also offer a gourmet buffet for only five dollars and will have a table of Asian snacks nearby. Throughout the festival, students can enter a raffle for four different grand prizes and participate in lantern making and fun games for extra raffle tickets.”

“Overall,” said Sophia, “students should look forward to having fun in a great environment while we celebrate the Year of the Rabbit!”

Students who RSVPed beforehand could attend Friday, February 10, 2023. The festival was held during period 9, from 3:20 PM to 4:20 PM. With one hour filled to the brim with exciting activities, entertainment, bunny-themed raffle prizes, and laughter among friends, BCA’s annual Lunar New Year Festival was sure to amaze. 

And it did amaze, considering the cafeteria was filled to the brim with students excitedly celebrating the Lunar New Year together. Performances ranged from K-pop dances to Filipino serenades, and food was just as delicious as the year before. Other than performances, students could paint lanterns, write New Years resolutions on red envelopes, and play traditional Korean games like Yutnori or Ddakji-Chigi. Considering this year’s turnout, the Lunar New Year celebration was definitely a success. Make sure to return next year and celebrate the New Year with everyone else in the BCA community!