BCA Mart: Open for Business

Madhav Dua

The second trimester of the 2022-23 school year is coming to a close, and for BCA Mart, it has been a significant one. For the first time since the onset of the pandemic, BCA Mart has been open for the entire trimester, serving the school community with a variety of products ranging from school merchandise to snacks.

BCA Mart is operated by a team of student volunteers under the guidance of staff advisor Mr. Joseph Gutierrez and his store management team. According to Mr. Gutierrez, the goal of BCA Mart is not only to provide products for students but also to teach valuable skills such as customer service, inventory management, and financial responsibility.


“BCA Mart is a great opportunity for students to learn about retail operations and gain real-life work experience,” said Mr. Gutierrez. “The store’s success is a result of the contributions and  hard work of our student employees and the support of the school and administration.”


Student employees, who work a variety of shifts during the school day, agree that working at BCA Mart has been a valuable experience. “It’s a really cool way to participate at BCA, and the free snack with each shift doesn’t hurt,” said volunteer Jason Chae.


One BCA junior added: “I’ve wanted to volunteer at BCA Mart for a while, and I even asked about the school store during my admissions interview, so it’s great that volunteering is finally a real possibility. To be honest, working a shift is not the most exciting thing, but it’s kind of fun to handle the money and say hello to my friends when they come to buy snacks.”


In addition to providing products for students, BCA Mart also supports the school community in other ways. According to the store management team, BCA Mart will donate a portion of this trimester’s profits to support school activities; however, this donation must meet very specific conditions. Donated funds from BCA Mart must contribute to an activity available for all students, not just for one academy or club. For example, Mr. Gutierrez hopes to contribute to this year’s field day in a few months.


“We’re proud to be able to give back to the school community,” said management team member Zachary Modlinger. “We hope that our contributions can help enrich the school experience for all students.”


Overall, BCA Mart has been a successful venture for the school community, providing not only products but also valuable learning experiences for student employees. As the school year continues and Trimester 3 approaches, BCA Mart looks forward to serving the community and supporting school clubs and activities.