Welcome Chef T!


Sylwia Zak, Contributor

Chef Tim Adriance (Chef T) was welcomed as a new culinary teacher for the juniors and seniors in ACAHA this year! The Academy Chronicle had the chance to interview him on how he’s adjusting to school life and why he chose to teach. 

Chef T is an alumni of the school, as he was in ACAHA himself. “It is really nice to be a part of such a strong supportive community again – especially seeing how many teachers are still here from when I was a student.” He added, “It is definitely a bit strange to be teaching, as it feels like I was a student here not so long ago – but it feels great to be one of the many alumni who have come back to teach at BCA.”

Chef T knew that even from a young age, being a chef was something he wanted to do and that’s precisely why he chose to apply to ACAHA. “I always loved to cook with my parents and grandma growing up, and had an uncle who owned a bakery who was also a big influence on me. Being a student here, with the classes and skills I learned at BCA, helped to confirm my passion for cooking and baking.”

However, being a new teacher isn’t easy. Incorporating Zoom into the classroom for virtual students, “especially this week after the holiday break,” has been an adjustment. “Before teaching, virtual meetings were not something I had much experience with, as we had to be in-person to prepare food for the restaurant.”

The biggest adjustment for him however has been “switching to a daylight schedule – now I wake up for school around the same time I’d be going to sleep after a late night in the kitchen.” 

This is also one of the reasons he chose to start teaching. The general public is unaware of the huge sacrifices people in the hospitality industry have to make. “As a pastry chef in a NYC restaurant, I mostly worked the dinner shift. I would head into work around 1pm, and my shift would often extend until 1am or later. I’ve definitely appreciated the change away from ‘vampire hours.’”

The second reason he chose to teach at BCA was because he has always considered teaching as a potential future career path. “One of my favorite parts of being a chef was training our new staff members on how to make the dishes on our menu. I get to do that everyday here.” 

Something Chef T learned at BCA that he now teaches all of his students is: “Taste everything, whether it’s an ingredient, a component, or a final product. The more you know about what you’re making, the better adjustments you can make.” 

Welcome Chef T! We’re glad to have you as a part of our BCA community again!