Meet the Makeup Artist: Ms. Kouefati

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Meet the Makeup Artist: Ms. Kouefati

Rachel Hur, Business Manager

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Ms. Kouefati is a freshman and sophomore English teacher who is known for her creative teaching techniques and laughter-filled classes; however, not only is she a talented teacher, but also a gifted makeup artist! The Academy Chronicle was lucky enough to sit down with Ms. Kouefati to discuss her experience with freelance makeup artistry and how the skills she gained during that time has impacted her life today.

AC: We see from your previous interview with the Academy Chronicle (“Meet the Teachers: Ms. Kouefati”) that you worked a side job as a freelance makeup artist before becoming an educator at the Academies. How would you describe your time as a makeup artist?

I spent a lot of time in my undergrad practicing my craft – I saw that there was a high demand to have a makeup artist that was able to be mobile. At the time, many makeup artists wanted you to come to their studio to get your makeup done, but I saw the need to be mobile and to go to people – to dorm rooms, houses – and to create different makeup looks. I also did makeup for a lot of dance team events at my college and I felt that it was something fun. It was lucrative, but I also was focused on my teaching career – it was like a side job – and I really enjoyed doing that.

AC: Do you still practice freelance makeup artistry on the side, or is that a thing of the past?

I still do it on the side, just not as much as I used to. I still do proms for other schools, communions, sweet sixteens, weddings; but back in the day, I did a lot of makeup for editorials. I did runway shows, programs for up-and-coming magazines, magazine inserts… I used to do more of that, whereas now I am doing more local jobs because of my teaching passion.

AC:How do you incorporate the skills you acquired as a makeup artist in your everyday life as a teacher?

I think makeup artistry all comes down to being observant and leading a life with precision. When it comes to makeup, a lot of people tend to think that people wear makeup because they want to hide flaws. However, makeup artistry is completely different; it’s all about enhancements, and that’s really what teaching is all about – enhancing knowledge. Teaching is about enhancing the minds of students, and it all comes down to precision. Even though I’m not using makeup and a brush, I’m still using different kinds of materials to portray a stronger purpose.

AC: Do you follow makeup trends? If so, what is your current favorite?

I really like the “lighter look” that is in right now. The “less is more” ideology is really appealing, especially for teens; teenagers don’t need to be wearing heavy makeup, nor do they have the time to put on a full face of makeup every day. I think a little pop of color is always fun, and there’s so many creative things you can do with eyeliner; but more than anything, one’s skincare regimen is the most important. Even as a teen, taking care of your skin is more important than wearing any kind of makeup.

AC: How do you decide the theme of your everyday makeup? Do you try and follow a certain pattern?

I try to coordinate my makeup based on what I’m wearing that day. So if I have a certain outfit or a certain color on, I try to play that up. Obviously, in a more professional setting, my makeup is geared towards my career. The makeup I would wear when I go out with friends would be much different from the more professional makeup I tend to wear for at work. On a daily basis, I definitely go for something light, everyday, quick, and clean.

AC: How do you think makeup influences your personality and your daily life?

I think makeup artistry is vibrant and colorful, and I like to think that my personality matches that. I like to be vibrant and colorful in the way that I teach. Makeup artistry also gives you a platform to be very eclectic in your style, and that’s exactly how I feel my teaching style is; super eclectic, constantly changing, and redefining, just like what we see in makeup trends.


Although Ms. Kouefati is mostly recognized for her incredible teaching skills, it is fascinating to see her in a new light as a freelance makeup artist! Thank you Ms. Kouefati for sharing another part of your life!