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Adjusting to BCA: A Perspective from Teachers and Students

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With thee first trimester already over, students have started to settle back into the “BCA life” and a new class of BCA freshmen are learning to adjust to the challenges the school year brings. Teachers and students offer their thoughts on this process.

Ms. Acuna, freshman counselor, commented on some of the common mindsets she observed among her students. “They (freshmen) are not sure of the lifestyle here… You’re coming from a middle school that did not apply as much pressure, and now you’re in this beast. It’s not to say our students can’t handle it, but as a freshman, it would be fantastic if the transition was a little bit easier.”

When asked about the strengths she observed among freshmen, it was clear that freshmen rose to the challenge. “I see them pushing themselves. They’re very proactive. They are so ready for the years to come…Freshmen come in and bring this new light with them.”

In a poll of 40 BCA students in all different grades, sixteen students found it easier than they thought to transition to the school, and 21 students found it just as easy or difficult as they thought it would be. Only three found transitioning harder than expected.

Jiwon Park, AAST freshman, said, “I knew BCA would be hard, so I think I wasn’t too surprised when I started school.

She added, “It is hard dealing with the workload and my schedule, but I think I was mentally prepared, so I’m learning to overcome any difficulties.”

This sentiment was echoed by many other freshmen. Aidan Winn, AVPA freshman, said that while BCA brought some challenges, he is enjoying school and making new friends.

Nevertheless, with many freshmen juggling extracurriculars on top of the rigorous schoolwork, performing well is no easy task.

Ms. Kouefati, an English teacher to freshmen in all academies, offers some advice: “I think the five p’s never fail: Proper planning prevents poor performance. It’s a quote that I live by in my professional and personal life. When you know better, you do better.” Written on a sign in her classroom, it is an encouraging reminder for her students.

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Adjusting to BCA: A Perspective from Teachers and Students