What Do This Year’s Holidays Mean To You?

Sports Editor: Alex’

I think the fact that the holidays bring out a cheerful personality out all of us is really great to see. The holidays mean a time of togetherness with family and friends, meaning that this time of the year is a really joyous one. The holidays also mean that is a time to slow down and relax before going back to school again. I think that the sense of excitement and joy that come from the holidays really stick out to me personally.

Arts Editor: Elise

The holidays are a step into my own Hallmark channel holiday movie — a step out of reality and into a festive world surrounded by friends and family. I look forward to the time I have to spend with loved ones and relax from the typical responsibilities of a high schooler during this festive time. Whether it be sledding in my backyard with my siblings, singing carols around the neighborhood with my friends, or making impromptu trips to go ice skating and exploring in the city, there is no doubt that the holidays are a time unlike any other.

Features Editor: Melissa

Being able to get back with family and friends- the break is a perfect time to meet up again. I take the break to let the stress melt away and renew myself. I can finally catch up on the games, drama, and books I’ve stowed away! Warm food, late mornings, playing in the snow or maybe making pastries and wrapping gifts, watching movies under a blanket. What I value in the holidays are the little things that when with the people I care about most, are the best things to experience.

School News Editor: Su Min

A time for a break? Catching up on lost sleep? Festive cheer? These options sound great, but realistically speaking, this is the time for me to study for future standardized tests. As a junior, I can never find the time to study for these painstaking but necessary tests, so a week long break provides the perfect opportunity to prepare for them. Of course, I will dedicate a few days to relaxing with friends and family, but it seems that for this holiday break, I will be praying for the time I can flee from the curse of standardized testing.

School News Editor: Sophia

It may sound cliche, but the thing that I love the most about the holidays is the magic. Whether it be belting out the best holiday songs in my favorite christmas sweater, or indulging in a Christmas Eve feast while watching the Grinch, enchanting holiday feelings are what I love the most. As I have grown older, I have learned that Santa lives vicariously through my Mom and that reindeer can’t fly, yet funny as it sounds, the wonder I experience only grows with time. It is the memories of the holidays that stick and help me recognize the magic of life.

World News Editor: Brian

            Holidays are about reading. Or writing, or watching T.V., or doing anything that my demanding schedule at BCA does not normally allow. The break from school provides a welcome relief from the relentless pummeling of schoology notifications on my dashboard, but more importantly, it allows me to sit back, relax, and focus on fun. As kid I always used to get into snowball fights, whether school was in session or not. But now that I have so much work to get through, the holiday break seems like the only real time where I can chill (no pun intended).

Assistant Managing Editor: Casey

Every year, my holidays are all about family. But this year is especially important. My uncle, aunt, and little cousin are coming from across the country to visit my family. This is really exciting, since I haven’t seen my cousin in two years. But, there is another person whom I am excited to see during the winter break: my grandpa. I haven’t been able to speak with him recently, but I know that his health is not as steadfast as it used to be. This holiday season provides me with a chance to spend more time with him.

Managing Editor: Simona

            A time for selfish indulgences. Responsibilities don’t necessarily disappear, but for a week, I get to wake up whenever I want to, write the short stories I did not have time to write, binge-watch Netflix, and spend time with my closest friends who at this point, truly believe I live at BCA. That, in addition to holiday feasting on the daily and an annual skiing trip with twenty of the funniest people I know who bring seven-days-worth of Chanukah gifts and get cramped into a single house, makes this time of year unlike any other. A cup of coffee, a onesie, some snow, and illuminated houses blasting Mariah Carey— that’s my type of holiday!

Editor in Chief: Suzan

This year, the holidays are loved ones and new beginnings. I celebrate family and friends every Christmas, but I feel particularly inclined to appreciate those around me as a senior. I want to make the best memories before I have to say goodbye to everything that embodies what I consider “home”. This year is also about self growth; I’ve always been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, but I want to set bigger and more goals this year. People often push off personal progress—in this transitionary stage I’d like to take the opportunity to push myself in non-academic ways.