Academy Chronicle

How Do BCA Freshmen Spend Their Frees? 

Jimmy (Dohyun) Lee, Writer

November 10, 2019

As many know, Bergen County Academies is a school that not only has a rigorous and tailored curriculum, but a unique scheduling system. The school is notorious for ending at a later time than most high schools and many students find themselves still on campus up to three hours after the end of the school day, which is at 4:1...

BCA Safety and Student IDs

Hafsa Ali and Margaret O'Hara

November 4, 2019

Student IDs have been issued to BCA students for many years. However, starting this year, all students are required to visibly display their IDs at all times while on campus―and there are consequences for non-compliance. Contrary to what many believe, this is not a new rule. According to the BCA Student Handbook, the policy...

Safety and Security at BCA Takes the Forefront of Conversation after Parkland Shooting

Elana Lane, Writer

May 11, 2018

Education has been described as the “great equalizer” of American citizens countless times in history. Students across the country– and around the world, for that matter– receive schooling to prepare them for living in the adult world. One thing unique to schooling in recent years, though, is a more serious approach to p...

SUCCESS: The Hopeful Seven-Letter Word

SUCCESS: The Hopeful Seven-Letter Word

April 18, 2018

What does the word "success" mean to students here at BCA?