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Black Friday Trends: What Do BCA Students Think?

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Black Friday is well-known as the most hectic shopping day of the year with its mind-blowing sales on products in industries ranging from clothing to technological devices to home appliances. Through interviews and a poll, BCA students shared their thoughts on Black Friday and explained how they altered their shopping in response .

AMST junior Ginny Ha commented on the developing trends of Black Friday and what stood out to her. “I feel like technology is improving at a rapid rate, and we have things we didn’t have before. Yeah, we’ve always bought those cheap TVs at Best Buy, but now there’s a myriad of more options like Amazon Echo,” she said.

Although purchases of electronics seem to be most popular on Black Friday, a poll taken of 56 BCA students show that many at BCA typically shop most for apparel such as clothing and shoes. 30 students said they usually buy apparel followed by 10 students who said they usually shop for technological devices and a few who buy makeup or other products.

Also, according to the poll, 29 students—the majority—prefer online shopping, while 16 prefer to shop in stores, and 11 do not go Black Friday shopping at all.

“In the past, my family and I used to go to stores and struggle with things like crowds and lack of stock, but recently we’ve been shopping online. It makes shopping much easier since you have access to more products and you don’t have to deal with a crowd,” said AMST sophomore Paul Kim.

AVPA junior Grace Kim added, “I don’t go Black Friday shopping. I used to, but I stopped because it’s stressful and deals nowadays are not very good. Even though there are many sales on technological devices, I care more about clothing, and I don’t find sales good enough.”

Many BCA students seem to agree: according to the poll, 28 students found that this year’s Black Friday deals did not meet their expectations, while 17 students did.

About 70% of students polled said they care most about price when shopping on Black Friday, and as Black Friday is known for great bargains, this makes sense. However, some students are skeptical that businesses may be falsely leading on consumers to think that deals are better than they actually are.

ABF junior Eunice Kwon, who also serves on BCA Mart’s Marketing team, commented, “Black Friday is like a business’s marketing tactic to get old products like clothing out in time for new seasonal lines. It accomplishes ‘FIFO’ which means ‘first in first out’ by getting the first supply of clothes out. She also added, “Businesses use Black Friday to trick consumers into thinking they’re getting the best deals although this isn’t always the case.”

It seems that overall, BCA students have mixed thoughts on how changes of Black Friday may affect shopping decisions.

AMST junior Grace Adams sums it up well: “It’s really up to consumers to decide if Black Friday shopping is worth it. Some think the bargains are bad, while others love them and go on huge shopping sprees. Black Friday seems to be undergoing a lot of change in recent years, so who knows what to expect?”

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Black Friday Trends: What Do BCA Students Think?