Technology: The Apple of Our Eyes.

Today, the majority of BCA students find themselves dependent on Apples —and not the juicy, red kind. Take a walk through the Academies, and it would be impossible to avoid scores of students on iPhones, Macbooks, and even Apple watches. This is not to mention those utilizing the Macs and iPads stationed in several classrooms and computer labs. It would be modest to say that virtually every person (student and faculty) owns or uses an Apple device,whether it is to snap a photo, look up a random fact, or write a paper — in some cases — due next mod.

AVPA student and Apple-user Elana Lane says that her iPhone 6 makes up a large part of her daily routine. “It serves as my alarm that wakes me up at 6 A.M. every morning, my weather channel right before I leave my house, and as my stereo so that I can play some tunes on the bus ride to school.” Her second Apple device — a Macbook Air — is also put to use, Elana adds: “Every day, almost immediately after I walk in, I’m on my Mac taking notes, completing homework assignments, and checking Schoology.”

Overall, it’s clear that Apple technology plays an important role in most aspects of student life. But what do we love so much about these fruity devices? According to Krishi Desai, ABF sophomore, she is loyal to Apple simply because they are “easy to use, efficient, and good for doing homework on.” In comparison to other brands, like Samsung and LG, she says that Apple has “the best camera” and “is great for non-academic activities, like watching Netflix.”

ABF sophomore Madelaine Tew elaborates on this outside-of-school appeal: “There’s not five minutes that I’m not on some Apple device. Not only are they simplistic and trendy, but it provides a great way to connect with others –via social media, messages, etcetera.” Ultimately, Apple holds a sacred place in the average BCA student’s social and academic life. It would be hard to imagine existence without this trusted technology.