Christie’s Bad Reputation is Hurting Guadagno in the Polls

Democrat Phil Murphy (on the left) and Republican Kim Guadagno (on the right).  Photo retrieved from The US Department of State; New Jersey Governor’s Office.

Phil Murphy is ahead of Kim Guadagno according to recent polls for the upcoming New Jersey Governor’s Election, and Chris Christie might be the reason.  According to the polls from Suffolk University and USA TODAY News, Democrat Phil Murphy has a 44 percent support or lean support rating, while Republican Kim Guadagno has 25 percent. In other words, Murphy has a near 20 point lead over Guadagno and an even larger lead over the other candidates. 

Chris Christie, the current Republican governor, could be one of the largest factors hurting Guadagno’s chances. According to, “Chris Christie” was the second most associated word or phrase that occurred to voters when they heard Guadagno’s name.  Unfortunately for Guadagno, Chris Christie has a particularly low approval rating.  The same article showed that only 16 percent of New Jersey residents approve of the job he’s doing, while 74 percent disapprove. 

When asked how they felt about Governor Christie, BCA students- Democrats and Republicans alike- had mostly negative things to say. Max Feld, a senior and Democrat in AVPA-T said, “He’s horrible for teachers and just for the people of NJ.” Another Democrat identifying student, an AEDT Sophomore, also had harsh words for the Governor stating that, “Governor Christie has no real loyalty and can not back up his word. It is not uncommon for him to back down from his word or make decisions out of frustration to make a point that ends working out worse for NJ in general.”

On the other side of the political spectrum, a sophomore in AMST who identifies as a Republican, said that despite her disagreement with Christie on many political issues, she thinks he promotes New Jersey pride. She stated that Christie “…was the face people looked for, and for months after [Hurricane Sandy] he constantly showed up in commercials that supported ‘Jersey Strong’.”

Given the information from other articles and the opinions of the students from the BCA community, it is fair to say that Chris Christie is hurting Kim Guadagno’s campaign. Even though there is still time until the election, it looks like she will need to disassociate from Christie to make up ground.