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Drive Perfect, Drive KOALAfied: BCA’s U Got Brains Team

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Every young driver needs more experience behind the wheel.

Now, thanks to BCA’s very own UGotBrains finalist team, it may be possible for BCA students to practice their driving in school. UGotBrains is an annual competition that focuses on the principles of safe driving. High school teams from all over New Jersey compete for a chance to win the grand prize of a driving stimulator.

The BCA team, which consists of sophomores George Hung, Carter Gwon, Julie Karam, Sneha Bapana, Rachel Havriliak, Sam Kwon, Eugene Yang, Joyce Zheng, Danyoung Kim, Rosa Kim, Kaitlyn Gill, Perri Wang, Kyrillos Ayoub, and Jonah Sohn, advanced to the final stage of the UGotBrains competition earlier this year. Their project, which focuses on the concept of distracted driving, is aimed at discouraging dangerous practices behind the wheel.

The Academy Chronicle had the opportunity to interview George Hung, a representative for the BCA UGotBrains team, about the team’s campaign activities and aspirations.

Hi George, thanks for taking the time out for this interview.

Could you give us a general overview, or some background information, about the UGotBrains competition?

The UGotBrains competition focuses on driving safety. For our project, we’re focusing on driving distractions. We have to create a public service announcement about driving while distracted, and we hope to promote the idea of safe driving.

What steps are you going to take to promote this idea?

We’re doing a public service announcement, and we’re going to do a short Youtube video about the different driving distractions that people might have. It’s going to be a comedic video, but there will be a serious message at the end. We’re also taking steps in giving out free merchandise, and we have a pledge for people to sign. We use social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to promote our group’s goal.

Is this a national competition? How many groups are participating in it overall?

I believe UGotBrains is only in New Jersey, and there are about 50 finalist schools. These 50 schools compete to be among three grand prize winners, and the grand prize is a driving simulator for their schools.

What inspired you to work on this project/join the UGotBrains group?

For me, it started out as a group project in driver’s education class. My group was a little surprised when Mr. Marmora and Mrs. Rios chose our project to be submitted to the actual competition, and even more surprised when we became finalists. We figured that, since we’re already this far in, we might as well put our full effort into the project.

How could the school get involved to make the project successful?

We’re doing a bunch of giveaways on social media, and this week we sent out a survey. If you complete the survey, you will be entered into a raffle. We’ll be raffling off Starbucks gift cards this week. In the coming weeks, we’ll be doing other campaigns on social media, and we’re going to be raffling off other prizes as well. Please don’t forget to sign our pledge.

When can we sign the pledge?

We’ll be in Mrs. Rios’ room during Wednesday projects, and there will be a couple of days when we’re just standing in front of the gym in the morning.

So, if we have any questions, is Wednesday during projects a good time to ask?

Yeah, that would be the best time.

We wish  our finalist team only the best of luck in this incredible competition!

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Drive Perfect, Drive KOALAfied: BCA’s U Got Brains Team