BT Boy’s Volleyball Team Preseason Outlook

Stephen Lu


While many students may not even realize that Bergen Tech has a boy’s volleyball team, the first game of the BT Boy’s Volleyball season is on Friday April 1st at 4 pm at home in the BCA gymnasium against J.F. Kennedy High School. For several weeks, the team has been practicing in preparation for the upcoming season, with one goal in mind: win the league title. Of all the sports banners in the gymnasium, not a single one is for boy’s volleyball. The coach of the team, who the players refer to as Coach Kingsley, often tells the players “Why not us?” in reference to the fact that the team should believe in its ability to do what many people may doubt.

Yet, this may have been seen as overly optimistic not long ago, considering the team’s 2-20 record last season. However, it is worth noting that last season, the varsity team consisted of a great deal of first-year players who were just getting the hang of the sport. There were no juniors and only one senior on the team last season. Now, with more experience, the players are prepared to team up to surprise the rest of the division.

Even though the team does not have any seniors, the players are not worried. The varsity captain is BCA junior and outside hitter Clarke Deegan, who has been considered the top player on the team by local news reports, such as, and is a great leader to the rest of the players. When asked about this year’s team, Deegan responded, “This team has the same guys as last year, but we just look exponentially better.” Indeed, the countless hours of practice and game experience have clearly been reflected in every aspect of the team’s improvement.

The back row of the team is anchored by third-year libero Ivan Kozlov. After a recent practice, he said, “Everyone on the team is motivated and things are really coming together well.” In addition to this, the team chemistry is great: the players high-five each other after a good play, cheer each other on, and try to help each other play to their greatest potential.

This season, the varsity team has another great asset: a team manager, BCA junior Edison Hauptman. His responsibilities include assisting during practices and maintaining the scorebook during games. He has provided a very positive perspective on the fact that there are no seniors currently on the team. He believes that “the best part about this team is that nobody is a senior, so they all have another year to become a true powerhouse as a unit, and I’m sure that will happen.” Hauptman also adds that he has clearly seen that the team is “getting better every day.”

Although much of the focus may be on the varsity team, one should not overlook the junior varsity team, since they are showing similar promise. First-year player and BCA junior John Kim has displayed his enthusiasm for the team from the moment that he joined.

When asked about the team, he said, “Everyone on the team truly works hard and I look forward to a great season.” Certainly, this positive outlook is consistent with all players and coaches at both the varsity and JV levels. Hopefully, all of the preseason preparation will produce great results in the upcoming season. Who knows, maybe there will even be a new banner hanging on the gym walls by the end of the spring.