Halloween 2014: A Wicked Recap

Meena Raman

'BCA's math department fell through the rabbit hole! The teachers were dressed as characters from "Alice in Wonderland." Courtesy of Don Dewitt
‘BCA’s math department fell through the rabbit hole! The teachers were dressed as characters from “Alice in Wonderland.”
Courtesy of Don Dewitt

Walking through BCA’s packed halls on Halloween is an unusual sight. As soon as I entered the building on Friday morning, I was bombarded with a slew of clever costumes: Purge anarchists, Heathers, and the characters of Alice and Wonderland, as portrayed by the Math Department.

However, it was not just the faculty and student body that had undergone a festive transformation. Across the school, various IGS engaged in the Door Decorating Contest, covering their doors with cobwebs and other Halloween decor.  The upper cafeteria was similarly adorned with festive decorations, and most notably, a few quickly-finished bowls of candy.

As with any holiday at BCA, Halloween is the perfect time for a number of clubs to promote themselves and fundraise. The Wounded Warrior Project, a morning club dedicated to helping wounded American veterans, sent out caramel-apple grams. For $1.50 a piece, students could send the classic Halloween treat to themselves or their friends.

Additionally, UNICEF, another morning club at BCA, sponsored their second “Trick or Treat in School” fundraiser, in accordance with the annual “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” campaign. By purchasing an orange bracelet for $2, students would be allowed to simulate “trick-or-treating” in the classrooms of their teachers, during their frees.

As students enjoyed their Halloween treats in IGS, the day was kicked off with an announcement, calling students eager to show off their ‘looks’to the gym to participate in the Costume Parade for the Halloween assembly. Meanwhile, the other students and faculty filed into auditorium, enjoying an interesting Halloween playlist (with the notably catchy song, “Shia LaBeouf.”)

The assembly was kicked off with Max Aronson, the Student Council President, dressed as Shaggy of “Scooby Doo” and Kathryn Cooke, the Class Council 2015 Vice President, dressed as Scooby himself. The pair introduced the mystery of this Halloween’s assembly: the disappearance of the beautifully carved “Student Council” pumpkin. And who was the thief? After a long trail of clues (and Scooby snacks), the crook was none other than Mr. Lynch himself!

Among other Halloween traditions was the Halloween banner contest (with the winner receiving a monetary prize.) Talented artists from each grade worked to produce banners that contained the name of their grade, as well as a picture of a cat eating candy corn. The other amazing Halloween tradition was the AVPA/T Seniors Annual Performance.

The seniors from the AVPA-Theater choreographed and performed a marvelous dance to Ke$ha’s “Cannibal,” while donning coordinated ‘uniform’ costumes and eerie makeup. One of BCA’s best traditions, the dance clearly reflected the array of skills held by these students.

This year, another musical number was performed: a mash up of “Danse Macabre”, composed by Saint-Saëns, and “Addicted”, by Kelly Clarkson, completely rearranged by the AVPA-Music juniors. The music students with the addition of telecommunications student Kyle Contreras, utilized a vast variety of instruments and breathtaking vocals to deliver a show stopping performance. The performances at the assembly were extraordinary, and a true testament to the immense talent at BCA.

Following the assembly, there were still plenty of activities for BCA students to engage in. The highlight of these events was the AVPA/V Haunted Mansion, a highly anticipated yearly custom at the Academies. The adjoining labs and rooms allotted for the fine arts were completely transformed into a spooky house, complete with frightening actors and painted portraits that bore eerie resemblance to the faculty.

Culinary (ACAHA) students also were involved in the Halloween festivity, and sold special collections of chocolate. The boxes, expertly handcrafted by Visual Academy students, contained two delectable chocolate-dipped cake pops and two dark chocolate truffles. Those who purchased the treat would also be entered in a drawing for ticket to the upcoming Chocolate Competition in March, 2014.

As another Halloween passed, students prepared for an exciting “Halloweekend,” devoid of untimely snow storms or tests to study for (at least, until Monday.) With plenty of candy. and photos (courtesy of Dr. Dewitt), memories of Halloween 2014 at BCA are unlikely to fade anytime soon. It looks like we have found a verdict for Halloween this year: wicked!